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Protect Your Teeth with a Pro-form Mouth or Night Guard

Teeth and Mouth Protection for Athletes of All Kinds

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply play for fun and exercise, you want to ensure your teeth are protected throughout the game. Better Bite Denture Centre carries Pro-form mouthguards, which offer a number of advantages:

  • Secure, natural fit
  • Can be custom fit to any size mouth
  • Provides maximum impact dispersion, protecting against tooth damage
  • Allows for increased oxygen intake for optimal performance and endurance
  • Allows for improved speech and communication during the game
  • A variety of colours available for a custom look
  • Trusted by pro athletes in the MMA and NHL

Preserve Your Teeth during the Night

We also carry Pro-form night guards, which prevent teeth grinding. Spare your teeth while you sleep—a Pro-form night guard is an easy and effective solution.

Both Pro-form mouth and night guards are thin, comfortable and custom-fitted to you. Get the function and protection you need now: come in to Better Bite Denture Clinic and our team will fit you with the right guard.

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